Student Expectations

Flagship student expectations

  1. Successfully complete the following Arabic classes, or their equivalencies, with a minimum grade of B+: A100, A150, A200, A250, A300, A350, A400, and A450
  2. Successfully complete one additional year of content Arabic classes, with a minimum grade of B+ (if time remaining at Indiana University permits between the completion of A450 and start of Capstone Year)
  3. Successfully complete the Capstone Year in Meknes, Morocco
  4. Participate in benchmark Arabic proficiency assessment every semester
  5. Attend advising sessions with the Assistant Director and Academic Director of the Flagship Program
  6. Meet with the assigned tutors and conversation instructors weekly
  7. Attend either one Dialect Table, one Club, or one Workshop weekly
  8. Attend weekly class Conversation Hour every semester
  9. Participate in at least one Arabic Flagship cultural event (e.g., Arabic Talent Show, Arabic Dinner, Arabic Poetry Night, Arabic Music Night) every semester