A community for the curious

If you have a passion for Arabic and all of its dialects, a desire to immerse yourself in other cultures, and dreams of attaining Superior level proficiency in Arabic, then our program is for you! When you join the Arabic Flagship, you join a community of knowledge seekers and experienced faculty who will learn and grow with you.

Getting involved in Flagship extracurricular activities will reinforce your Arabic speaking and comprehension skills. We host activities like Arabic dinners, talent shows, poetry nights, and many more for you and your Flagship peers to enjoy.

A vital language for understanding the world

As the fifth most spoken language in the world, and the official language of 22 countries, Arabic is one of the most widely spoken first languages. Arabic is considered a critical language and is recognized as strategically important for business, government, and education. Arabic has become a vital and necessary language for understanding global and international politics, economics, and cultures.

Distinguish yourself through Arabic Flagship

Whether you want a career in business, academia, media, medicine, or policy, fluency in Arabic makes you stand out as a well-rounded candidate in your field. Indiana University’s Arabic Flagship program offers you the opportunity to learn Arabic at a Superior level, meet one-on-one for tutoring with native speakers, and practice in an Arabic-speaking country during your Capstone year and summer study abroad. Our program prepares you for the next wave in global education and gives you skills that can be used in any career.

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