Frequently asked questions about the Arabic Flagship

Yes! Students of all skill levels, beginner or advanced, can join the Arabic Flagship. The only requirements to join the Flagship are:

  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • The ability to thrive in an intensive Arabic-learning environment and a commitment to the program
  • Be enrolled or intend to enroll in first-year Arabic or higher

Any student with a passion for Arabic, who is willing to put forth the effort required to reach professional language proficiency, is welcome in the program.

We are excited to hear that you have previous experience studying Arabic! We welcome all who are not already native speakers of Arabic to be a part of the Arabic Flagship Program. Because you have studied Arabic, after admission into the program you must complete an Arabic placement exam with the Academic Director. This examination will help to ensure that you are placed into the correct level of Arabic when you begin the program.

Yes! The Flagship model relies upon domestic and immersive study. You cannot complete the Flagship curriculum without having studied in Morocco for the Capstone year. The calendar year spent in Morocco is a very important element that aids students in achieving the Superior level of proficiency in Arabic.

Yes, the Arabic Flagship is open to undergraduate students in any major as long as they are enrolled in or intend to enroll in Arabic classes at IU. Students of all majors are welcome to apply to the program, including students in the College of Arts and Sciences, The Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies, The Media School, Kelley School of Business, O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, School of Public Health, School of Informatics, and any other undergraduate program at Indiana University.

Yes, you can take Arabic courses without joining the Arabic Flagship. The Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies offers Arabic courses as well as alternative majors that include taking several Arabic courses.

The Arabic Flagship Program aims to ensure our students use their time out of the classroom effectively and strategically. In addition to time in the classroom, Flagship students are also required to take part in two hours of tutoring and conversation instruction each week. One hour of this time will be utilized meeting one-on-one with a Flagship tutor that will assist in answering questions about the homework, review grammatical and structural components, and provide additional support. The other hour is with a Flagship conversation instructor who engages the student in practicing conversation one-on-one. Finally, each week Flagship students must take part in an Arabic club, dialect table, or workshop for one hour every week of the semester.

In total, the Arabic Flagship Program requires an additional 3-4 hours of time committed to engaging with Arabic outside of the classroom. If you are eager for more opportunities – don't worry! There is an abundance of activities and engagement opportunities taking place every week that gives you insight into culture, language, history, and more. We encourage you to take advantage of these offerings!

Yes! The Arabic Flagship Program offers many flexible pathways that allow students to complete the domestic and overseas requirements in 4 years. However, many students do choose to complete the Capstone year after their senior year at Indiana University. The Arabic Flagship Program advisor is happy to help students map out their pathway for completing the program’s requirements and to answer any questions about successfully finishing.

The Capstone year in Morocco takes place over a calendar year. Unlike any other Flagship language, which only immerse students for fall and spring semesters, Arabic students gain deeper insight during the summer, fall, and spring semesters they spend in Morocco on the Capstone year. The Capstone year begins in early to mid-June and concludes the following May.