The world is your classroom

In addition to completing language coursework throughout the academic year, you have the opportunity to spend summers intensively studying Arabic domestically or abroad. At the conclusion of degree requirements stateside, students spend an entire Capstone year in Morocco. They enroll in language and culture courses at both the Arab American Language Institute and Moulay Ismail University, as well as complete a part-time internship with a local company.

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Why study advanced Arabic?

Arabic is one of the U.S. government’s top critical needs languages for U.S. students in higher education. With around 300 million native speakers, professional fluency in Arabic provides you with many career options in our increasingly globalized world, including business, government, the arts, nonprofits, and more.

Funding for study abroad

Overseas study is essential, allowing you to immerse yourself in the Arabic language and to broaden your cultural awareness. We offer a variety of Flagship scholarships to help fund your study abroad experiences.

Prepare for a variety of career paths

In addition to achieving professional-level language proficiency, allowing you to more easily live and work in an Arabic-speaking country, you’ll complete an internship in Morocco in your field of interest as part of your Capstone year.

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