Students in a circle holding hands.
Students hold wooden swords while some play instruments.

Tutors & Conversation Instructors

Tutoring is an essential part of the Arabic Flagship, helping you refine your vocabulary and grammar skills, as well as review common mistakes. This individualized attention will address your specific questions and help you grow as an Arabic speaker, giving you the best chance for success in the Flagship and on your path after graduation. Two hours every week are devoted to these sessions, giving you the opportunity to refine your grammar and vocabulary while receiving individualized attention and feedback. One hour of this time will be utilized meeting one-on-one with a Flagship tutor that will assist in answering questions about the homework, review grammatical and structural components, and provide additional support. The other hour is with a Flagship conversation instructor who engages the student in practicing conversation one-on-one. This time each week is required for Arabic Flagship students and is a very important element of program.