Gain experience with an overseas internship

Arabic Flagship students have the opportunity to complete internships during their Capstone year in Meknes, Morocco. Students interested in government, social services, business, journalism, and many more fields will find internships abroad that allow them to combine their major and language studies.

Arabic Flagship students have interned with lawyers, women’s organizations, health clubs, newspapers, and more. By learning and working in Arabic you can reach Superior proficiency and become a global professional in any field.

We encourage our students to begin thinking about where they would like to intern as early as possible. The best internships are usually those that students find on their own. If you have a specific organization or internship site in mind, you can work with the Capstone resident director to facilitate the experience. However, finding your own internship is not required. The resident director and internship coordinator help our students find an internship, as well.

This is not like an internship in the U.S., where interns are given concrete tasks to complete. While there are exceptions, you should expect to observe and often take the initiative to find tasks. The internship component is very beneficial in order to achieve becoming a global professional and a culturally informed citizen.

Previous internship examples

This organization seeks to preserve Morocco’s heritage of traditional crafts, and production techniques (wood furniture and sculpture, pottery, tiles, clothing, musical instruments, carpets, architecture, . . .) as well promote the economic value of these skills.

The agency receives and evaluates project proposals from local associations and cooperatives seeking government assistance.

Focuses on traditional wood painting.



This is a women’s organization that focuses on women empowerment. Among its activities are teaching women their rights within society and educating them in a variety of fields.

The association provides educational services and activities for about 180 people with down syndrome.

This association carries out AIDS/safe sex awareness campaigns, provides counseling services to those infected, holds clinics in and around Meknes for at risk women to be tested for AIDS and distributes condoms.

Center in Meknes designed to protect high-risk children in the community.



The center offers a place for youth to gather and activities.

This facility offers assistance to individual craftsmen, associations and cooperatives working in traditional crafts or industries. Courses are offered at the facility in production techniques as well as logistical and administrative support for starting new associations or cooperatives.

This is a private health clinic in Meknes that has a number of departments including a maternity ward, a surgery center, and a pediatric section.

This association’s goals are twofold: promoting tourism within Morocco and empowering the average Moroccan through social engagement.



This is the largest hospital in Meknes and also serves the entire province of Meknes- Tafilet.





The private office handles civil and criminal cases.

The private office handles civil and criminal cases.

The library belongs to the Ministry of Culture and runs several outreach programs. Among them, it develops partnerships with local schools that lack proper libraries and loans them books as well as offers learning support to the students.

The chamber of commerce conducts research on topics relevant to the business community in Meknes, administers various government initiatives to assist business in Meknes and serves as a link for businesses in Meknes to network with business outside of Meknes and internationally.

Students from Meknes enroll in the conservatory to learn a wide variety of musical instruments, in addition to general musical knowledge.

This nursery is right outside the old city walls. It is ideal for students to learn a variety of aspects related to the business of growing and selling a range of plants.

The private sports club sponsors a tennis school and hosts international tennis tournaments.

Students are learning the traditional music of Meknes, called Melhoun, with the goal of being able to both perform and assist in music lessons for others.

News agency in Meknes that covers local and national affairs. Student works with journalists in the press office, in addition to doing onsite fieldwork, depending on the project.



The newspaper covers local and national news.

The newspaper covers local and national news.

This association’s primary purpose is to serve as a group of rescue workers who jump into action if/when an old building collapses in the old city. However it also runs a seamstress operation.



Private language school.

Private K-12 language school. This is a very old and well established school in Meknes.

The association focuses on helping women’s issues like illiteracy, job skills and health.



The center serves the women and children of the Tulal district. The center teaches women trade skills like: baking sweets, beauty & hair, computer skills, sewing/stitching and more.

The institution houses a large number of horses and cares for them from a regular standpoint, in addition to providing medical care. It also houses the Equestrian Club which administers riding lessons.