Why study advanced Arabic?

Arabic is one of the U.S. government’s top critical needs languages for U.S. students in higher education. With more than 300 million Arabic speakers around the globe, professional fluency in Arabic provides you with many career options in our increasingly globalized world, including business, government, the arts, nonprofits, and more.

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The world is your classroom

In addition to regular coursework, you have the opportunity to spend one intensive summer studying Arabic domestically and a summer abroad in Morocco. At the conclusion of language study stateside, students spend an entire Capstone year in Morocco, where they take language and culture courses at both the Arab American Language Institute and Moulay Ismail University, as well as participate in a part-time internship.

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The Language Flagship is a national initiative to change the way Americans learn languages through a groundbreaking approach to language education for students from kindergarten through college.

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